The Punters Guide to Haymarket

Looking to spice up your time in Sydney? If you’re on an elite escorting website like ours it’s safe to say you know a thing or two about the finer things in life and don’t mind indulging in the best of the best.

In addition to some of the smartest, classiest and downright naughtiest escorts in the hemisphere, Sydney is also a foodie’s dream with top notch chefs from across the globe vying to capture the attention of your tastebuds.

Today we’re going to explore the culinary delights of the Sydney suburb, Haymarket.

Asian Delights In the Center Of Sydney’s Central Business District

If you’re anywhere near the CBD chances are you can simply close your eyes and let your nose guide you to Haymarket. If walking around with your eyes closed sniffing the air isn’t your preferred mode of transport, no worries, Haymarket is conveniently located just south of the CBD in Sydney and is right on the main light rail line.

If you love Asian cuisine the only downside of Haymarket is that there many be too many choices. From the mega-supermarket to the dozens of sushi shops, there’s no shortage of gustatory pleasures of the eastern variety. We love to hang out there, soak up the vibe and recharge our batteries. Here are some of the top venues that may not show up on your general travel website about New South Wales.

Best Thai Joint: Caysorn Thai

For lovers of thai who think they know everything about it, get ready for a whole new experience. Turns out that the majority of Thai eateries specialize in Isaan Thai which comes from the northeast of the Country

Caysorn Thai (website), makes food from the southern Thai cooking traditions and it does it right. Not only is this place really inexpensive, the food is to die for.

Best Chinese Food in Haymarket: Old Town Hong Kong

One of the fancier places on Dixon Street, Old Town is still affordable and a must for lovers of cantonese. While the food is spectacular – I actually ate 2 servings of pork mince dumplings last time – what really sets this place apart is the service. The staff literally could not be friendlier and the ambience can’t help but put one in the mood for revelry.

Top Japanese Food: Wagaya

The first thing that jumps out at you when entering this rustic Japanese place are the touch screens. They are the first place in Australia to implement them and it feels just like Tokyo. Located just of Harbor Street, Wagaya will run about $50 per person but the expertly crafted sushi, innovative cocktails and forward tech make it worth the price.

Best Karaoke: Dynasty Karaoke Club

It wouldn’t be little Asia if there weren’t Karaoke bars, and Dynasty is the best. ( This place is a blast and if you really want to impress your friends or business partners, they have decadent private rooms available awash with one way mirrors, touch screen table tops and unisex bathrooms.

Just imagine taking a couple of Atlantic’s local Sydney companions to one of these private rooms for a night of kpop, beef noodles and debauchery. Could anything be better?

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Even Blind Men Think AA Escorts are Objectively Gorgeous

Some scientists get to have so much fun and a couple of them have just published a paper that confirms the hypothesis that even congenitally blind men find physically attractive women, well… attractive.

To get an idea of the implications of this research we need to back up a little bit. There’s idea out there in academia that’s been gaining serious traction over the last couple of decades.

It’s called social constructivism and its proponents argue that there is no universal metric of beauty.

Basically they believe that the human mind is a blank slate at birth and what we find attractive as adults is simply a product of cultural indoctrination. In a nutshell: the reason you find a slim, but curvaceous woman like say Brooke, hot is NOT because there is something inherently sexy about her, but because you’ve been ‘trained’, by the media and cultural environment you grew up in, to believe that she represents what your particular culture deems attractive.

What do you think? I call bullshit. Sorry social constructivists, but when the reaction most men have when looking at an – excuse the technical term – slammin’ booty on a fit woman strikes me as something much more primal than simple media suggestion. But, to be fair, these people are serious academics; PhD’s, professors and prolific writers. So I thought I’d see what other scientists thought about the idea.

Turns out that my intuition was correct: dozens of studies published in well respected journals have found mountains of evidence that there are, in fact, certain physical traits that all men, regardless of culture, find attractive.

The most research in this area has been done on something called the waist-to-hip-ratio(WHR). The WHR is calculated by simply dividing the measurements of a woman’s waist by her hips.

All men, from remote villagers in Papua New Guinea to footballers in Manchester, prefer a WHR in the range of 0.68 – 0.72. The hourglass figure is sexy, no matter where you grew up.

A new study cements this point and brings me to the title of this post. A new paper in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior explored the universality of WHR preference in men who were blind from birth. If a guy’s preference for shapely hips is merely the result of seeing Kim Kardashian on TV then, according to social constructivists, you wouldn’t expect men who had never seen her to have the same preference for body shape.

Sorry again SC’s. The blind men were asked to touch two mannequins – both identically dressed but with differing WHR’s – and rate the attractiveness of each on a scale of 1-10. Guess what? The mannequin with a WHR of 0.7 was overwhelmingly rated the most attractive.

I did a quick calculation of the average WHR for all of Atlantic’s fabulous escorts and, surprise surprise, it is: 0.6991.

None of this is to say that if woman has a WHR outside the prefered range that she is automatically hideous. Of course not, we’re complex creatures and can manifest beauty in many different ways.

It does go to show, however, that some things are universal and decidedly not programmed by culture.

So the next time you’re at the gym or beach, catch sight of a woman with an optimal WHR and feel an intense longing that seems to cry out from every strand of DNA in your body don’t worry. You literally can’t help it. But we can. Just give Kelly a call and she’ll fix you right up with a woman that is scientifically proven to be sexy as hell 🙂


Go For Gold With Bianca… hopefully

Bianca has a lot going for her; she’s tanned, buxom, sweet and has some downright fawning reviews on punterplanet. Of her many specialities, one thing she really excels at are x-rated stripteases.


She can move muscles I didn’t even know existed. Watching her put on a seductive show gets one thinking about just what an athletic undertaking removing one’s clothes in a teasing manner can be – if it’s done right. Balance, strength coordination and some jaw dropping flexibility are all required in abundance to pull off some of the moves Bianca is capable of.

Turns out I’m not alone in thinking that those proficient in the stripping arts are top athletes and deserve to be recognized as such.

Pole Dancing In The Next Olympics?

I would have scoffed at this a few years ago but it’s starting to look like a real possibility. Pole dancing (or simple ‘Pole’ as its practitioners call it, is skyrocketing in popularity. Over 150 million people regularly use the ancient Chinese art as a workout and just last year the World Pole Dancing Championships enjoyed record attendance and prize money.

With this newfound acclaim has come a serious push to get Pole Dancing declared an official olympic sport. They’ve got a petition going on (which can sign here if you’d like to see this, and who wouldn’t?) and pole dancing was included in last years International Urban Games alongside traditional sports like basketball.

Though it still has somewhat of an image problem, proponents are optimistic and think it’s a real possibility that you’ll be seeing bikini clad women straddling a pole for all the world to see next summer.

It’s good to see dedicated athletes and performers get recognition. Whether or not the world is ready for it by 2016… who’s to say. But you can be darn sure that if you book an appointment with Bianca at least one pole will get an olympic level workout.

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