The Comprehensive Guide to Enjoying High Tea Time in Sydney

Sydney may be known for its wonderful selection of world class beaches but what many may be surprised to hear is that it also has a fine range of private tea rooms. Whether you are looking for an elegant outing or a fun family experience with the kids filled with freshly baked goods, you will find it in the halls of Sydney’s tea rooms.

Here are a handful of places to start exploring the high tea culture in Sydney:

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange doubles up as both a shop and café in a classic golf club which was erected sometime in the 1920’s. What’s great is you really get the feeling of what times were like way back then just by walking into the venue. Prepare for an afternoon of fattening by cake and tart. Sugar highlights include a mouth-watering Moroccan orange and almond cake which can only be topped by the salted caramel and chocolate tart. Tea is served on a wooden balcony which overlooks the kookaburras that play on the lawn. Your tea towel comes with a delightful selection of chicken tarragon sandwiches and freshly made scones. Eat like a king and enjoy the stunning view on the balcony. Burnt Orange can be found in Mossman off Middlehead Road.

The Langham

If royal service tickles your fancy then the Langham is the place to be. Every Friday, hordes of elegantly dressed locals pack out this little venue for cakes, scones and tea. Birthed in 1865 as a part of the greater Langham hotel, the afternoon tea here is served with a selection of salmon, ham and cucumber sandwiches. Even vegetarians will be pleased with the cheese and tomato sandwiches. Sweeter delights include scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream as well as little squares of chocolate fudge. The tea selection is bare but well put together. There is also a tea session for the little ones where they can make pretend with a menu packed with delicious treats like cookies and marshmallows. The Langham is located near the Observatory Hill Park off Kent street.

Sir Stamford at Circular Quay

A high tea at Sir Stamford is a rather smooth experience. Celebrations start early here as you can be expected to be served champagne upon arrival. From there, a well put together staff member will proceed to overwhelm your senses with the itinerary. The tea selection is extensive to say the least and the accompanying sweets and sandwiches certainly live up to the hype. An insider’s tip is for you to get a window seat.

Hydro Majestic Hotel

Choice is what makes the high tea at Hydro Majestic hotel interesting. While you can certainly have the classic British experience, the hotel has taken a modern approach to bring high tea to the masses. For instance, they do a gluten-free high tea as well as one that’s aimed for kids. For the more open minded and those with a more savoury palate, there is even an Eastern tea which holds Asian classics like dumplings and rice paper rolls on the menu.

Swissotel Sydney

This is another odd but interesting high tea experience. Unlike the usual special service that is common at high tea rooms, the Swissotel has a more accessible approach on offer; High tea via buffet. Traditionalists may have a hard time coming to grips with the concept of a high tea buffet until they see the beauty of having everything laid out on a table. Traditional items like cucumber sandwiches can be had but there is also a hot food buffet. All this will seem a bit over the top until you hit the dessert table where a fine offer of sweet tarts and creamy cheese cakes are available. Personalised service may not be the thing here but if you have a solid appetite and like sweets then you will love the high tea here.

AA’s Guide To Private Beaches in and Around Sydney

As a Sydney native, it makes me cringe every time I see a TV spot talking about Bondi beach as if that’s THE beach to hit. Don’t get me wrong. I love Bondi. What bothers me is that it does overshadow all the private beaches in Sydney that most either don’t know about or won’t talk about.

Look. Bondi is definitely worth checking out if you want to get a glance at the Sydney beach scene. But if you are a real beach bummer looking for the very best, then you must add the following 5 private beaches to your itinerary:

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Congwong Beach, La Perouse

Congwong beach is the perfect spot to lay around for a laid back beach experience. If you are a family, you won’t have to worry about sheltering your children from surfers crashing into the waves as the water here is calm and peaceful. It is located just off Anzac parade in Botany Bay National Park. If you are checking it out on a weekend, be sure to grab an ice cream from the ice-cream boat that pops in. You can get there by bus on the L94 from the city.

Checkout their official site here for more details on this private gem

Bungan Beach, Barrenjoey Peninsula

Looking to combine your beach day with some stunning nature? Then head to Bungan beach. Sydney is a lovely city but the chaos of it can be overwhelming which is why I like to escape to Bungan beach when I need a relief from the crowds. The raw beauty of the surrounding cliffs make you feel as though you’re going on an adventure and walkers will love the scenery that wraps around the beach. The tides here can be pretty rough so just make sure you stick between the flags. The beach is located by access along Barrenjoey road, just before it descends into Newport.

Store Beach, Manly

This exclusive beach is a bit of a mission to get to as you can only arrive by boat or through kayaking. I suggest doing the kayak which you can rent from the hire shop at Manly Wharf. When you get there, you will quickly forget that you are even on city beach as the beach is surrounded with lush vegetation. There are no amenities there so what I love to do is pack some food and have a relaxing picnic on the beach. As a bonus, you could even pop by another hidden beach, Collins Flat beach on the way back to see the marvellous waterfall. The easiest way to get to Store beach is to catch the Manly Ferry from Circular Quay.

Milk Beach, Vaucluse

This beach is probably one of Sydney’s best hidden gems. Whether you just want to work on your tan, go snorkelling or do some fishing, you’ll be able to do it all at Milk Beach while enjoying the suburb views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and city skyline. You can access it through a track from Strickland House, or the track which goes from Hermitage Foreshore Reserve to Nielsen Park.

Gordon’s Bay

Gordon’s bay is perhaps one of the most unique hidden beaches in Sydney as it is the only one with an underwater nature trail. Located in the heart of the Eastern suburbs, this tiny gem is for those who appreciate calm waters, making it a fantastic spot to snorkel. The local fishing beaches which line the beach along with the apartments and surrounding nature create a majestic backdrop. You will also enjoy some of the most stunning coastal walking trails in the city. The beach can be accessed via a coastal walk on Gordon Avenue in South Clovelly.

Fashion Trends Coming To Sydney this Season

Blonde Lady in Corsetry

New York fashion week was just a few short weeks ago and though some of the stuff, as usual, was a bit off the wall, there are some exciting new fashion trends on the horizon. Working with a group of insanely sexy women, fashion naturally comes up from time to time. If you were lucky enough to go to our party earlier this month, then you got to bear witness to our ladies flaunting some of their finest threads. Here are a couple of the hottest trends this season. Let us know what you like best in the comments below!

The Reign of Corsetry


Corsetry is all about flaunting your bra inside out, and it has emerged as the hottest trend of the season. It requires you to pair your bras atop your printed floral numbers frilly tops and much more. However, Victoria Beckham has given us a massively powerful inspiration to flaunt this trend with a bold masculine flair by pairing it atop monochromatic suit separates. This trend is all the rage in street style, and you must checkout Alexander Wang, Tony Burch and Philip Lim for all the inspiration you could possibly need to flaunt it.

Bolder & Deeper

Ladies, if you love flaunting your shapely arms and sexy shoulders in the off-the-shoulder trend, get ready to rock this trend on a whole new level. This season, designers have revamped the off-the-shoulder to a seriously glamorous hilt, and these insanely bold pieces are all the more revealing and deep. We see plenty of off-the-shoulder wrap dresses that reveal a lot more than the shoulder, along with choker-style necklines, strappy cold shoulders and much more. These almost-falling-off tops are just what you need to rock to emerge as the most glamorous diva in Sydney’s vibrant nightlife.

Lacy Cascades of Ruffles

For a drop dead gorgeous formal statement, which also happens to be perfectly on-point with the intensely bohemian vibes of the Australian countryside, you must settle for nothing except ruffled up lace numbers. These sheer lacy delights will wrap themselves provocatively around your lusciously curvaceous figure, while the cascading ruffles will create a wondrous delight as they run down in tiers from your neckline to the waist and hemline. This is the just trend a woman needs to ravish her inner goddess and feel downright sexy. Since Spring races are a festive affair in Sydney, these lacy delights are right on-point for the occasion!

Glamorous Ankles

This spring, designers have given us a remarkable lesson on striking all the right chords of sensual glamour, and it involves turning up the bling on our ankles and making them the center of all attention. From delicate chains, crystal cuffs, glided anklets and heavy charms, there are so many excitingly sexy anklets that can oomph up your glamour and make your high heeled feet look all the more chic. You must flaunt these chunky delights with your bikinis as you make your way to Sidney’s breathtaking beaches.

Zoe in Her Seductively Sheer Bikini

Seductively Sheer

Sheer fabrics and gowns are most certainly here to stay, and designers are really testing our comfort levels this season, because sheer has gotten all the more outrageously bold. From elegant skirts that break in to cascades of leg-revealing sheer fabrics, to transparent gowns and sheer briefs, DKNY, Delpozo, Coach and Anna Sui have given us some raunchily seductive #sheergoals!

Double A’s Guide To Syndey’s Private Museums

Off the beaten path museums in Sydney

Think of Sydney and your head fills with postcard images of Circular Quay, world class beaches and the iconic Sydney Opera house. While these landmarks make Sydney a world class city (and, hopefully, obscenely sexy escorts;)), they also overshadow the vast array of off the beaten path and private museums that create the cultural heart of the city.
Here are a five lesser known museums in Sydney you must check out:

White Rabbit Gallery (30 Balfour Street, Chippendale)

The White Rabbit Gallery in Chippendale was set up to celebrate innovative Chinese art. White Rabbit is one of the most exciting galleries to appear on the Sydney scene and art lovers will be blown away by the vast range of contemporary Chinese art. It is privately owned by Judith and Kerr Neilson and conveniently located near Sydney Central station and Central park in a trendy renovated warehouse. The museum hosts two exhibitions annually and for those that want to immerse themselves in the full Chinese experience, they can enjoy a cup of Chinese tea at the in-house tea room. There is no cost of admission.

Living Live Human Statues

Brett Whiteley Studio (2 Raper Street, Surry Hills)

Brett Whiteley was one of Australia’s most well known contemporary artists known for his contribution to the avant-garde art movement. As a way to celebrate his work, the Art Gallery of New South Wales turned his old studio in Surry Hills into a museum open to the public. Get a glimpse into how Whiteley worked by checking out this unique museum which showcases an excellent collection of his work as well as sketches he did and his personal art book collection. There is also a tiny shop which sells postcards and other merchandise related to his art. You won’t find a café attached but the studio is conveniently located in Surry Hills which is known for its great range of cafes and restaurants.

None other than Bob Dylan himself loves the Brett Whiteley and gave an extensive interview here in 1986:

Vaucluse House (69A Wentworth Road, Vaucluse)

Lovers of history will be blown away by this amazing estate which in 2015 celebrated its hundredth year as Australia’s first house museum. This gigantic estate is one of Sydney’s oldest mansions and while it was originally built in 19th century, the eccentric mansion will make you feel as though you are walking about in an old Victorian home. Guided tours are widely available to walk you through the grounds and you can finish up your tour with a stop at the accompanying tea rooms. The house is located in the harbour side suburb of Vaucluse and the neighbourhood itself is worth having a stroll through. Public transport is available via bus or ferry.

The Rocks Discovery Museum (Kendall Lane, The Rocks)

This small but incredibly informative museum is one of Sydney’s best hidden gems. The museum was designed to tell the story of the Rocks beginning in the pre-European days of Sydney to the present day version. You will enjoy the four permanent exhibitions as well as the attention grabbing interactive research area. For those travelling with family, the museum runs a kids program during school holiday season where children can role play as archaeologists (guided of course by certified archaeologists) as they dig up artefacts and learn about the objects they find. This museum is all about learning through fun and it won’t cost you a cent to enter although donations are welcome.

Nicholson Museum (University of Sydney)

The Nicholson Museum at the University of Sydney holds the largest antiquity collection in the southern hemisphere and surprisingly one of the lesser known museums in the city. It is named after its founder, Sir Charles Nicholson, a lifelong explorer who founded the museum in 1860. You will find an extraordinary collection of ancient artefacts from regions such as Egypt, Cyprus, Italy and Greece. The museum can be found in the main square of the University and is open for free to the public.

AA Sydney Newsletter March 2017

Hi 🙂

We are all so excited about the Party Thursday

Due to the privacy of the venue I have decided on a Risque Show which will start at 7.30pm. You can thank me later lol

Lots of ladies will be in attendance at this one – at the moment its looking like more ladies than gents

If you haven’t RSVPed please do so I have numbers for catering

More information on the party is on our blog READ THE BLOG  

Bubbly British Brunette Charlie is a cheeky and adventurous young bisexual nympho.  Her current dates for Sydney are March 15-22 but those dates will extend if her first week goes well.  Charlie has excellent feedback in the UK and is definitely worth meeting. Charlie has a members incall discount of $50 so 1hr for members is just $450

Charlie is Touring Sydney March, 2017

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If Giselle’s tour goes well she will return to  Sydney later this year

This week English Ashley is in town. Ashley’s tour finishes on Friday evening and she still has a little availability (her preference is for doubles lol)

Charlie, Giselle & Ashley are all bisexual and enjoy meeting couples as well as playing with each other or Atlantic ladies

Spanish Juliet is having photos taken on Friday ready for her week tour starting March 27. Also a personal friend of mine has decided to stop being a private escort and become an Atlantic Angel instead. Her photos will be taken Friday as well & she should start early April

I love mentoring new ladies & I am very happy with the new additions to our team

Reviews are very helpful for the new ladies – if you have seen someone & she is awesome please help her out a little by penning something.  It doesn’t need to be war & peace just a small little something helps a lot

You can post reviews on our agency website:

Our next discount day is April 1. Bianca, Arizona, Kate and Victoria will be available in Sydney with Zoe available in Canberra. All ladies will be offering incall & outcall

Busty Beauty Bianca’s Sydney dates are March 29 – April 1. Bianca has a members incall discount of $100 so 1hr incall is just $400. Bianca is very pretty and a great girl 🙂

Zoe is offering incalls in Canberra March 31 & April 1

Each Monday morning Bec posts the girl’s availability on our availability page:

I look forward to seeing those who are attending on Thursday

Until next time

Sarah xx

Agency Atlantic 4th Birthday Party March 16, 2017


It’s been a little over a year since our last Members Party so it’s about time we threw one of our fabulous shindigs

Our first members party of the year will be at a secret location in the Sydney CBD on March 16, 6.30pm until 8pm

The location we have chosen is totally private and your discretion is guaranteed.  It’s not the same location as our last party, we are  not telling where it is but we promise its cool 🙂

Location details will be sent out via SMS March 16 @ 5pm to all gents who have RSVP’d

Gents who are not members & who would like to attend; A Party Invitation will be given to you should you book a meeting of 3hrs or longer between now and March 16

In attendance will be Kate, Zoe, Bianca, Victoria, Spanish Beauty Juliet and our visiting English Beauties Ashley, Giselle and Charlie

Everyone who has been before knows we love to put on a show – The show will be at 7.30pm 🙂

Members if you wish to RSVP please SMS Bec with your membership username and let us know you are attending.  if you are a ‘maybe’ then please let us know that so we don’t over-do the catering

Please note this is a purely social event. No private time will be available on the premises but you are welcome to arrange a meeting at your location if you can convince the lady to leave the party LOL 🙂


The girls & I are all looking forward to another great night.  All of our parties have been such fun for us all

See you Soon

Sarah & Bec xx


AA Sydney Newsletter February 2017


Just a quick newsletter to let you know of a few things

Discount Day is February 1 – 20% discount on all meetings incall or outcall.  Prebooking is a good idea but you can also call on the day & see who is available


Our new web address for Sydney is – it will link from Agency Atlantic main website so you don’t need to remember it

We will be having a members party on March 16.  English Ashley will be in town that week so I wanted to throw a party while she is in Sydney

Zoe is in Sydney this week Feb 1-3.  Doubles are available with Victoria all week

Victoria is offering incalls Feb 1-3 – Victoria has a members discount of $50 for incall or outcall

Both Vic & Zoe are in their new fave hotel in Kings Cross

Arizona is just available for incall February 1 – close to Darling Harbour

Kate is now available with less notice – her day job is still very hectic but she doesn’t need 48hrs anymore. Hopefully by the end of Feb she will be offering incall again too.  Kate is available February 3 for doubles with Zoe

Kate, Arizona & Victoria are available in Kings Cross February 8, 9 & 10 for hotel incalls.  All 3 are available for doubles & if you fancy a foursome then you can’t go past these lovely ladies 🙂

Until the end of February all doubles are discounted by $100.  So 1hr with Vic & Zoe is $1000 rather than $1100.  1hr with Victoria & Arizona is just $900

I am posting every couple of weeks on my blog Sarah’s 2 cents – I hope you enjoy reading my insights into the escort business.  I posted my blog on the Australian Industry & got some lovely comments which was nice

Until next time

Sarah xx

How Technology is Making The Escort World Better

Deep down all escorts share a common fear… That their clients don’t shower before they see them. That is a legit concern (shower boys, it makes Everyone happier:)), but not what this article is about. No, it is something much deeper: an existential threat to our very way of life.

What I’m referring to, much like John Conner, is the rise of the machines. It’s hard not to read the news these days and not come across some article about recent advances in artificial intelligence or robotics.

Just last month a computer totally dominated the best Go player in the world (Wired Article Here). In case you’re not familiar with Go, which I wasn’t, it’s an ancient Chinese board game that is infinitely more complicated than chess. Experts thought it would be decades before an algorithm could take out top lEvel players, and yet it just happened.

What Does This Mean For The Escort Industry?

Recent history shows that the sex industry often drives the tech world. Back in the 1980’s VHS technology became ubiquitous because porn studios preferred it to the competing Beta Max format for home movies. More recently, Blu-Ray beat out the similar (and by some account superior) HD-DVD to become the high def optical disc of choice also partly in part to the adult industry favoring Blu-ray.

Humans love to invent stuff and the love to have sex. Combine those forces and you’ve got a recipe for powerful change. With this in mind, it isn’t hard to see a future with robotic sexbots that are so lifelike that most people prefer them to the real thing. Gasp! We at Atlantic Escorts think that would be a horrible outcome. For no other reason than the fact that we just can’t comprehend how a computer could be as witty and fun as Eve. Or how any human engineer could use synthetic parts to construct an ass anywhere close to as delectable as Brooke’s.

Still, the march or sex tech moves ever forward and we may be living in a golden age where humans still do prefer intimacy with other humans and we get the benefit of some pretty awesome devices that only enhance our trysts.

Which brings us to..

The Mod: The World’s First Open Source Dildo

A Tech Startup in Atlanta, USA, is constructing a technological marvel of a sex device. In 2013 they started an IndiGoGo campaign to build the Mod: a high quality vibrator that can do just about anything. They’re project was fully crowdfunded (you can still donate and be one of the first to get a Mod at

I haven’t had the pleasure of using one.. Yet. But just check out a few of these features:

– A standard, simple, and powerful control for the toy. The joystick can manipulate power and pulsing patterns. Shaking the nunchuck’s accelerometer can modulate the frequency of the vibrations. To fulfill one major request from Beta testers, we also programmed the “C” button as an easy “kill switch” to shut the toy off right when you come!

-A heartbeat sensor lets you feel your partner’s arousal in the throbbing toy. This one is a real favorite — it’s super cool to feel the rhythm increase with your partner’s excitement.

-We process the image coming from a webcam. The more movement in the image, the more intense the Mod’s response.

And many more. The code for the vibrator is open source so anyone and program new actions, patterns or anything, the sky’s the limit!

I’m really excited about this thing. Not only does it show remarkable ingenuity by one person to conceive of the idea, the fact that it got so quickly funded on Indigogo shows just what hunger there is in the world for exploring amazing ways to amplify sexual pleasure through technology.

If you have had the pleasure of using a mod, please get in touch and tell us all the details. I’m sure one of our kinky escorts on tour would love to hear about it.

Live it Up at Newcastle’s Best Pubs and Venues

Atlantic Escorts is predominantly a Sydney based agency. The majority of our escorts are located here and many have conveniently located incalls throughout the metro area. From the awe-inspiring selection of authentic Asian cuisine on offer in Haymarket to the eclectic calisthenic artists in Bondi Beach, we adore this city and like to think our fabulous escorts go a tiny way to making it a better place:)

That said, getting out of the city can be nice and one our favourite places to go is a quick jaunt up the M1 to Newcastle. It’s cosier and sleepier than Sydney but has charms all its own. Not least of which are a crop of new and innovative bars and clubs that rival some of Sydney’s.

Newcastle’s Best new Bars and Nightclubs
The Mattara Hotel
333 Charlestown Rd, Charlestown, NSW 2290
After renovations in 2012, this place is stunning. Full glass facade, the most modern architecture and endless events. They boast a huge screen perfect for watching sporting events – UFC 98 is airing there on May 15th and is free to attend.

In addition to being one of the best places to imbibe and watch live sport, The Mattara has an award winning Burlesque show. The next one is June 25th. Imagine a long dinner date with an Atlantic lady watching a burlesque show then retiring to your room for the real show… sounds like heaven.

The Junction Hotel
02 4962 8888
View Website
Epicureans get ready for a taste explosion. The Junction Hotel’s restaurant is one of the best in the country and proved it by winning the 2015 Awards for Excellence in Casual Dining. Traditional pub fare with a twist, the kitchen is open late Thursday for Sunday. Perfect for recharging after vigorous evening.

The Junction also features great live music from local talent every Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm.

The Dockyard
13 -14 / 1 Honeysuckle Dr, Newcastle, NSW
View Website
This is a craft beer lovers delight. Not a tourist hotspot, the dockyard is the pub of choice for Newcastle locals and 13 brews on draught you’re sure to find the perfect ale. Despite the great beer selection, the best thing about this pub is the patio. It’s situated right on the harbour and affords tranquil views. It’s even heated in the winter!

Hotel Delany
134 Darby St, Newcastle, NSW

Darby Street is at the heart of the Newcastle nightlife and eating scene and its crowning jewel is the Delany Hotel, affectionately referred to as ‘The Del’ by locals. Similar to the Dockyard, this classy venue offers a contemporary take on traditional pub food and there a la carte menu is perfect for a late night snack.

They have live music and DJ’s almost every night but for true club lovers things really kick off on Friday and Saturday with dance parties and their infamous TAB bar.

These are just a few of the places we’ve been to recently in Newcastle. Ivy, our very own dirty and very flirty, blonde escort is based here and is the perfect guide to the vibrant nightlife. If you’re planning on going don’t forget to check out the Atlantic Newcastle gallery page for all our courtesans located there, or give us a call if you’d like one of our Sydney girls to come up and meet you to make your time by the harbour unforgettable.

The Top 5 Native Australian Starlets of Adult Film

Even though Australia is renowned for its fit population and general good looking-ness (that’s a real word, I swear;)), our great nation is somewhat under represented in the ranks of adult film stars. This could be for any number of reasons.

But whatever the case, it behooves us all to take some time out and pay homage to the lovely Australian ladies who have bared all for the silver screen.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 adult film stars of all time who, to a woman, are proud to call themselves Australian.

Monica Mayhem

This ferocious blonde has done it all. Originally from Brisbane, Monica followed her dream of becoming an adult star and migrated to America in 2000. She was an immediate splash and one Best New Starlet of the Year in 2002.
She’s just published a book called Confessions of an Aussie Porn Star and judging from the first sentence:

‘Do you really want to know what it’s like to be a porn star? Brace yourself, because I’m not going to pull any punches. Here’s what a “busy day at the office” might mean for me . . .’

It’s gotta be a sizzling read. You can buy her book on Amazon .

Kiki Vidis

This Queensland born redhead is part of the new generation of porn stars who are just absolutely gorgeous. She could easily have been a traditional model.
Kiki started her career as a nurse but quickly realized she wanted to deliver ‘sexual healing’ full time and was awarded her very own reality TV show Kiki’s American Adventure which chronicaled her journey to pornagraphic stardom.

Angela White
Fans of super busty brunettes will be intimately familiar with Angela. She knew the adult industry was for her and began performing solo and girl/girl scenes right after her 18th birthday.
It took Angela eight years to shoot an actual sex scene with a guy, but it was worth the wait and the DVD Angela White Finally Fucks is one of the best in the biz.

In 2010 she took to politics and ran for office in Victoria as part of the Australian Sex Party with a platform of expanding rights for sex workers.

Gigi Allens

Much like our very own Zoe, Gigi Allens is a tall, elegant blonde woman who just screams elegance and sensuality with every move. She’s a Sydney gal and though she’s just getting started in the biz, she’s already making waves and you can expect big things from her in the years to come.

Kim Cums

Of course we couldn’t leave Atlantic’s very own starlet Kim off the list. Her reviews speak for themselves and she has a tremendous body of work online to drool over.

This buxom blonde exibitionist, porn star and elite Sydney escort is one of a kind. She’s also pretty darn funny and witty. Give her a follow on twitter @kimcummms.