AA Sydney Newsletter January 2, 2018


Happy New Year

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Great New Years Eve

We will be back in the swing of things tomorrow from noon (January 3). The agency phone is on today whilst I get everything organised for tomorrow, so feel free to give me a call if you wish to arrange anything for tomorrow or later this week

I have changed our hours of operation to start at noon rather than 10am each day. Meetings can be pre-arranged to start before noon, but unless you have a pre booking, I won’t be answering until noon

This year I am going to working solo without Bec and 10am start every day is difficult when I finish at 1am most nights with Asia

I am very happy to have some new ladies starting this week and there was 1 superb new application in my inbox today, so very happy Sarah 🙂

New to escorting but very open minded, University student Holly is great addition to the team. Holly is 6ft tall & reminds me of Eva; sporty, chilled out & smart

At the moment I only have 1 selfie of Holly, but Zoe, Kate, Holly and I are having dinner tomorrow so we will take some pics before we head out

Violet has new photos online, also I have hot new pics of Lana to add as well

Zoe is in Sydney tomorrow until Sunday morning

Kate and Rose are both off their day jobs this week so lucky us, they are both around for day meetings rather than their usual after work availability

Our weekly availability page lets you know who is available when & where:


Sarah xx

We have new social media

Instagram: agency_atlantic1
Snapchat: AAsydney
Twitter: Our agency twitter is @AtlanticAus
Victoria has joined twitter: @AtlanticVic
Zoe has Twitter too:  @Atlanticzoe

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