Can I pay with my credit card?

We are often asked why we don’t Accept Credit Cards

In a nutshell we do not accept credit cards as we don’t wish to take the risk of non-payment.  

Credit card fraud is the biggest problem with accepting cards. If a transaction is flagged as being fraudulent, the transaction is cancelled

If a transaction is cancelled that means nobody gets paid & why would anyone want to work for free?

Many moons ago we did accept credit cards. One charming gent with a skimmed credit card & fake ID had a lovely party…. The transaction was cancelled & as the ladies had all done their job; we didn’t think it was fair for them not to be paid, so we paid the ladies. This cost the agency a LOT of money and this is not a situation we ever wish to happen again

If an individual lady wishes to take credit cards she is welcome to.  Ladies are independent contractors so we don’t dictate how they take payments.  But nobody has ever asked if they can use their own card facility

We do accept bank transfers with a minimum of 5 days notice, we also accept foreign currencies with prior arrangement

We do not accept Paypal.  Paypal doesn’t allow adult transactions & it’s been mentioned on many forums that Paypal simply freeze your funds & make it near impossible to get them back if a transaction is for adult services

Agency Atlantic is a low fee agency; Low fees to ladies means that those savings are passed on to you.  We couldn’t afford to stay in business if we regularly had to pay out for fraudulent credit card transactions, our margins simply aren’t high enough to absorb this cost

Agency Atlantic Newsletter – New Escorts in Sydney, Escorts Touring Sydney, Escort Agency Sydney

Hi 🙂

It’s been awhile between newsletters – not that much has been going on to be honest lol

I have just come back from a month overseas where I was closing down our London office and also doing an awesome photoshoot in Asia for Zoe, Alexis, Olivia and Kim.  I am hoping to get Olivia out to Sydney in November, she is lovely. Degree educated, stylish and petite with model looks

Is it possible for you to phone me to book or just call for a chat or whatever.  I answer calls from noon til 10pm 7 days a week.  If you don’t have my number please check in the members gallery.   Bec still handles the public agency number but that is redirected to me 6pm each Thursday & Friday and also Sunday’s noon til 10pm.  Calling me direct is easier 🙂

I posted up a blog about our Birthday party with a couple of photos of the ladies who were in attendance:

Our Christmas Party is set for December 15 🙂  I am sure it will be another great night and it will be nice to see you there

We are adding quite a bit to the blog now both the girls and I are writing articles.  Zoe has her own blog area named Zoe’s Musings

Yesterday we had new photos taken for Sophie. She is a tall part model with pale skin and long blonde hair.  Sophie will be offering a great introductory offer of 1hr incall or outcall for $400.  Sophie’s will start next week August 28

Eva our 6’2 beauty is receiving excellent feedback and has had her first review.  She is gorgeous and loves escorting

Eva has introduced me to her friend Rose would is having photos taken this weekend.  Rose is also 6’2 with a corporate job.  Rose’s photos should be online mid next week.  She is very pretty and very tall.  I am now the shortest when we have girls dinners ha

All the ladies we currently represent have studies or careers so their hours are all different, before you phone to see who is available please check our Availability page Bec sorts that out each Monday morning & it’s always correct

Busty Beauty Bianca’s will be in Sydney & Canberra in September. In Sydney Bianca will be staying in Kings Cross September 20-24 and Canberra September 27-28.  Bianca has a members incall discount of $50

Zoe is in Sydney this week, it is her last visit until October. Zoe is available for doubles with any of the ladies, she loves bisexual action 🙂  Zoe last Canberra dates until October are August 29-30

English Elizabeth is visiting in October 18-26. I love Elizabeth, she is great fun and has the biggest natural breasts I have ever seen 🙂

Reviews are very helpful for the ladies especially the new ladies so if you fancy penning something please do so on one of the review sites or you can post reviews on our agency website too:

Until next time

Sarah xx

Calisthenics Training in Sydney, Australia

Have you been debating about making the decision to get in shape and improve your health?  Maybe you’ve already made that decision, but just don’t know where to start.  The first step can be pretty overwhelming and the endless amount of workouts and equipment make it even harder.  

There is one, tried and true, workout method that is perfect for beginners and individuals just getting into the fitness lifestyle – calisthenics.  Take away the stress of learning how to use complicated pieces of equipment and use your own body to get into fantastic shape.  

What Are Calisthenics?

Just like I hinted to earlier, calisthenics is a type of exercise that uses nothing more than your own bodyweight for resistance.  No machines, barbells, or dumbbells are required (with the exception of an occasional pull-up bar).

Common calisthenics exercises include:

  • Squats
  • Push-Ups
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Lunges
  • Planks

Calisthenics has been used to improve performance for hundreds of years.  To this day, they are used by sports teams and militaries around the world.  

Why Are They So Popular?

There are several factors that have kept calisthenics relevant in fitness for so long.  The most obvious reason for their fame is that you can do them anywhere, anytime.  You can workout on vacation, when you’re traveling for work, or at your home in your living room.  

Why Are They Perfect For Beginners?

Aside from the reasons that were already mentioned, calisthenics is an ideal choice for beginners because of their simplicity.  They don’t take a long time to master, which can be the case for other common fitness methods like bodybuilding, Olympic and powerlifting.  

Since your own bodyweight is all the resistance that you will ever use, your chances of injury are very low.  You don’t have to worry about being hurt by weights that are too heavy and hard to handle.  

Calisthenics In Sydney

While calisthenics can be done with little instruction, it’s still a good idea get some help when you’re first starting out.  Training with a group of others is also one of the best ways to promote exercise adherence and keep you on the path to fitness.  

If you’re looking for a place to get some instruction on performing calisthenics, Maximum Potential Calisthenics would be a good place to start.  This fitness facility specializes in calisthenics training and they offer one-on-one instruction as well as group classes.  

Maybe you already feel comfortable with bodyweight exercises and you just need somewhere that has bars for performing pull-ups or dips.  Sydney can accommodate this and offers several fitness parks so you can take your training outdoors.  

Deverall Park offers 2 pull-up bars and has plenty of open ground if you’re looking to add in some running to your calisthenics routine.  It’s also a good place to use your fitness apps, so you can keep track of your workouts.  

Do you think that getting in a great workout, then heading to the beach sounds like a good idea?  If so, then Street Workout Park at Bondi Beach may be what you’re looking for.  This is an outdoor calisthenics gym that has just about every type of bar you could think of.

Calisthenics training could be exactly what you need to jump-start your fitness journey.  They are easy to perform and travel anywhere.  Fortunately, you don’t need to travel too far, because Sydney as plenty of places to train!

Zoe’s Musings – Why I am not a private

Well hello there!

It has definitely been a while since I’ve written a blog of sorts.

My last blogs were from my overseas tours, but then I got distracted and stopped! If you want to take a read, you can view my Travel blog here: Zoe’s Travel Diary

The good news is that I’m trying to write again as I have been told that many of you actually enjoy reading my ramblings! It’s extremely flattering and so very sweet! 🙂

A frequent topic of discussion between myself and others (clients and friends alike) is the way I like to operate my business. I am perfectly happy discussing this as I know it is usually nothing more than curiosity.

I choose to work with Atlantic because it suits me and my life, if it didn’t suit me then I would change things to suit my needs.

Working with an agency seems to carry such a negative association, thankfully it is not something I have found to be true in my case.

There are many agencies who use sneaky tricks to cheat both clients and girls either out of their money or their dignity so I totally see why some people don’t have much respect for agencies in general.

It’s almost assumed that all agencies do these horrible things, but I know from personal experience that there are a select few agencies that run their business properly and actually care about the ladies and work hard for us.

I am very thankful to be a part of such a welcoming and supportive team.

This is why it can sometimes be a little insulting when I am told I should go private or be asked for my phone number to bypass the agency.

Let me explain a little as to why I choose to work the way that I do.

When I started out in the industry in 2013 I had an extremely limited, basically nil, understanding as to how everything operated. All I knew was that I wanted to give it a shot.

There is a lot of work that goes into making sure that A) the lady is safe; B) advertising is written and paid for; and C) phone calls are taken in a timely matter and dealt with tactfully. This barely covers the work that is done but they are the basics.

I knew I couldn’t do that on my own in a way that I would be comfortable with.

That aside, there were many other little things like what items I’d need to have, what I should wear or the many other things I wasn’t too sure about …I actually used to be (and anyone who knows me well, knows I secretly still am) an awkward geek at heart and had no idea at first! I knew I would be much more confident if I had the benefit of input from someone else who knows how to run an escort business successfully. So after asking for recommendations on who I should talk to on Punter Planet, I decided to contact Sarah.

I am thankfully so lucky I contacted Sarah; Atlantic is a team effort and an agency that respects me, my limits and how I wish to escort.  I feel supported and it feels great. Let’s face it, sometimes we all need someone to help us along and lift our spirits when we are having a bit of a bad day. I know if I worked on my own, I would eventually burn out, feel isolated and not push myself to do my best.

Another reason I wouldn’t consider going private: I do not wish to use my spare time or energy to deal with taking calls, advertising, and promoting myself non-stop on social media. I find that having a work-life balance is extremely important and I absolutely love that I have the flexibility to work, when and where I wish.

I love what I do and the people I meet but I am human and need my down time. There is no way I would be able to deal with being Zoe 24/7 – especially if I had to do it all on my own.

That’s possibly one of my secrets to being happy, fun, and real with people. I am not worrying about the calls, admin and social media work I’ll need take care of while I’m touring and working, I can just focus on having a great time!

I have time to recharge my mental batteries so I can properly engage during meetings. I don’t spend my down time with other people in the industry, although I regularly hang out with the Atlantic girls and they are some of the most down to earth, friendly, and smart ladies I’ve known. You babes are absolute angels!

In regards to what I’ve stated about having to take my own calls, not only do I not have to deal with the dreaded timewasters, being with Agency Atlantic means they take care of everything for me when I tour. Sarah loves scheduling and admin (seriously – she really loves it like a weirdo haha). That side of things for me while I’m in a country that is not my home, could be overwhelming and daunting on my own.

Being with Atlantic takes a huge stress off of my shoulders. I know that the clients I will be seeing are either members of the agency who have proven to be great guys or those who are new clients who have respectfully contacted Bec (our awesome receptionist).  Bec is a former escort and has a great sense for who is going to be a pleasure to spend time with.

All us ladies are satisfied with Bec and Sarah’s judgement and I personally know from my own experience whomever I meet will be someone I’d happily spend time with.

From when I first started, Sarah and her team have proven that they know what they are doing and have continued to do so over the years.

I hope you now have more of an understanding as to why I haven’t and will never consider going private. It is worth paying a very small percentage of my earnings to Agency Atlantic for all that they do for me, and my business, on a daily basis.

Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing what you have to say about this when you meet me!

Zoe xx

P.S. Sarah, you have always been such a great mentor and all around wonderful person. Thank you for helping me grow into the person I am today. I look forward to many more years working with you and maybe drinking too much wine every now and then. LOL! xx

Q & A – Book an escort with Agency Atlantic Australia

Is there a location I can meet all the girls & decide when I meet them who I want to spend time with?

No sorry we are not a brothel. Ladies are not on shift nor are they expected to sit and wait in our office.  If they are listed as being available they are on call but they could be at the gym, at the beach or anywhere they choose to be.  They attend confirmed meetings only

Do you have an agency incall?

Generally the ladies who are offering incalls with either be in a hotel or a private apartment; sometimes ladies will share a hotel room or borrow a friend’s apartment.

Ultimately it’s the ladies choice whether she offers incalls or outcalls or both and the location choice is hers also

All girls do home and hotel visits within a 10km radius of the Sydney CBD & on some occasions they will travel further afield

Do I have to book in advance?  How much notice do I need to give to see a lady?

It’s entirely up to you and your schedule and preference.  If you provide notice it will ensure the lady you wish to see is available.  

If a lady is available on our available today page that means if she is available but perhaps not at the time you wish.  If a lady is available today then it’s best to at least 1hr notice so the lady has ample time to prepare but if you want short notice please give us a call & we can see what can be arranged for you

Are the photos and information on the website real? I have been duped many times by misinformation and old or airbrushed pictures

Every lady has been met by us and we also meet regularly for girly get togethers (drinks, dinners, whatever)

We are more often than not told the ladies look better in person. We do take out some identifying features in photos and do not put personal, identifying information in the ladies text to ensure her anonymity

What can I do if I don’t like the lady when I meet her?

Sometimes people just don’t click or you thought her face might be different without the blurring or for whatever reason; you are not obliged to stay

If you decide to cancel you must do so in the first 10mins without having touched the lady and a cancellation fee of $100 needs to be handed to the lady

When do I pay the escort?

The fee is handed to the lady in the first 10mins of the meeting and must be paid in $AUD

If you wish to pay in $US or another foreign currency please note that we will add 5% plus round the amount up to the nearest $50 – it’s best for everyone that you in $AUD

It is always best to ask the lady to check the funds in front of you. That way you can both be sure that it is correct.

Does the lady expect a tip

No but they are always but tips and gifts are always appreciated

If every woman adores a gift from a lover and on longer meetings it is suggested you give the lady a token of your appreciation as it sets a great ‘tone’ for the night

Under each escort’s services list it says no services are guaranteed?  If I am paying surely I should get what I am paying for?

You pay for an Escorts time you are not renting her body or her mind

A lady is a human being not a ‘service’. Human beings react differently in each situation. Great Hygiene and treating the lady with respect will help make your encounter a very enjoyable time indeed

Please respect the decision of the lady and bear in mind that we can have no influence over the services she wishes to offer and to whom.  Our job is to schedule appointments, we do not own the ladies or make their choices for them

What is the rate for just a massage & a BJ?  I don’t want full sex

An escort charges for her time.  A coffee, a drink, a bike ride in centennial park or something else you and the lady may enjoy together are still charged at the same fee

Occasionally we will have ladies that offer ‘social only’ rates but at the moment we do not have any ladies that offer this service

I would like to book an escort to join me & my regular escort

This is charged as a couples rate.  Escorts generally prefer doubles with girls they already know either socially or intimately.  If they have not met the lady previously then it is counted as a couples booking and is an extra

If you are booking the escort with another escort please discuss with us first. Sometimes escorts know each other & do not wish to meet under such circumstances

Does Agency Atlantic keep my information safe – Is discretion guaranteed? I had a bad experience with a woman putting my phone number on twitter 🙁

100% – we never divulge personal information and in most cases the escort only has your first name and nothing more.

If the lady is going to a hotel outcall she will need your name & room number to stop any issues with hotel security but if that is an issue for us please let us know and we can make an alternative arrangement

We take your privacy very seriously

We never post a number on twitter or any public forum

Your true identity is safe with us

Please give us the same courtesy when it comes to discretion

Discretion should go both ways but often it seems gents think their information should be kept secret but an agency or escorts information is OK to share with others

Please respect the privacy of Atlantic and our ladies at all times

Please don’t divulge personal information to other girls or clients

Always treat someone as you would like to be treated

Please don’t ask the ladies personal questions as it can make a meeting awkward and can ruin  what may have been a wonderful experience.  

Also please don’t discuss your meetings with other escorts; if you are talking about other ladies then the lady you are with knows you will be talking about her too which can also make the meeting very awkward and uncomfortable for the lady. Nobody likes to know they will be gossiped about

There are so many other sexy things you can talk about, why talk about other escorts?

EOFY Deals at Agency Atlantic Australia

To bring a bit of warmth and happiness to the beginning of what’s shaping up to be a long, cold winter, we’ve devised some wicked EOFY deals at Agency Atlantic Australia.

This month (June) we are offering:
$100 discount on all double meetings
$150 discount on triple meetings and
$500 off all overnight meetings (single, double, triple or more if you dare!)  

These discounts are available on full price meetings only with all of our ladies and also our gorgeous Male Escort Rob

Not only do we have discounts, this June we will also be offering some wonderful gentlemen special membership Invitations after 1 booking rather than our usual 2 booking requirement. This means discounted bookings are available for you for all of 2017 not only in this dastardly June.  

When you phone to book please mention EOFY specials to receive your special rate.

Happy EOFY xx

Bec and Sarah
Booking assistants

Q & A – Working with Agency Atlantic

Why do girls work with an agency?

Every lady is different and has her own reasons for being with an agency. A lady makes a choice to join us and can leave whenever she wishes; ladies stay because it suits their personal needs.

Being an independent can be very costly and life consuming. Some ladies prefer their personal life not to be interrupted by their escort life. We handle all the arrangements & they accept appointments for the times that suit them.

Not everyone wishes to promote themselves on social media, do admin or pay out all the costs associated with running as an independent on their own behalf such as advertising.

Why would a lady choose Agency Atlantic over another agency?

We like to think we are a bit different.  Agency Atlantic was created by a sexworker for sexworkers and our admin staff are all former sexworkers so we know what an escort’s job is and all the stresses it involves

Our aim is not to enforce rules but to work together as a team with a common goal – To be happy and financially secure.

We kinda have some rules I guess ‘be respectful to others’, ‘do your best’, ‘ask questions if you are unsure of something’, ‘take time off if you aren’t feeling it’, ‘talk openly if you have problems – a problem shared is a problem halved’, ‘please fill out your weekly schedule by Monday morning’ all the cliches lol

Atlantic is a known reputable brand due to the great ladies we have represented over the years and also the reliability, service and tenacity of our admin team.  

Each lady has her own individual brand within the Atlantic brand. Ladies approve their photos and all web content before it is posted online.

We work with ladies respectfully and would never push a lady into doing things she doesn’t wish to do and all meetings/times are approved by the escort prior to being confirmed with a gent.

We offering mentoring and a supportive work environment.  Many former Atlantic ladies have gone on to become very successful independent escorts.

Why do girls have to pay money to the agency?  They do all the work?

The lady does the time with the client, yes – but a lot of work and expense occurs before we book that 1hr incall!

Our phone lines are open a minimum 86 hrs a week and we provide an array of services to the ladies and then there are running costs…

An Escort Agency is not a charity.

An escort agency is a business and like any business has running costs – Staffing, advertising, website, photos, taxes and accounting fees to mention a few.

If the lady wasn’t paying our fee then she would be paying those costs herself. An advertisement on 1 website in Australia may cost upwards of $200/month, and many ladies advertise on more than 1 site. A photo shoot is in excess of $1000 (photos, location, outfits – it all adds up).

I am a escort & considering joining Agency Atlantic; what should I expect to be included in the agency’s fee?

That’s not a simple answer; every lady gets something different out of working with Atlantic.

It all depends on what your individual needs are. The basics are that we pay for your photos and advertising and handle all your booking arrangements. We are on hand a minimum of 12 hrs a day and offer support to you with whatever you need.

All the atlantic admin staff have personal escort experience as well as management experience.  The agency manager Sarah has over 17 years industry experience both in Australia and Internationally and has a lot of experience as a mentor. If you would like assistance with branding, persona or PR in general, Sarah and her team have experience that sets Atlantic apart from other agencies and that is part of the reason we have been around for so many years.

I am a part-time escort with a career & have been working 2 shifts a week at a Brothel. I want to start to Escort but I can’t decide if I should join Atlantic or be a private or maybe a private with a PA?

At the moment in Sydney many of the ladies that contact us to interview are private escorts saying they are not earning enough to achieve that common goal – to be happy and financially secure. So from this we assume that being a private can be a difficult road especially when you start escorting.

Working as an escort is quite different to working in a brothel, so learning from a mentor with 17 years experience (Sarah) can be invaluable and of course a number of the ladies working with Atlantic have also made the change.

It very time consuming and also costly to start an escort brand and it may take a while before you see any significant earnings. It can be a costly and difficult investment, particularly if you are just starting out as an independent escort.

Being a private with a PA is similar to being with an agency but you don’t have the agency reputation behind you. It can often take a lot longer to get established as a private than it does working with a reputable agency. We also suggest you make enquiries about the fees charged as sometimes, there can also be hidden costs that add up quickly.

We find many clients actually prefer the safety of booking with the agency and are quite loyal to us.

Some ladies do say they enjoy working as part of a team in what can often be a lonely and isolating industry – but working with an agency does not need to be a lifetime career commitment. Again, ladies have their own personal reasons for working with an agency and may continue to pursue their goals as an independent if they so choose.

A former Atlantic escort is now 100% private with a PA. She spent 2 and a half years working very closely with Sarah on both her brand at Atlantic and establishing her private brand.

AA Sydney Newsletter May 2017

Hi 🙂

Thank you to everyone who attended our Birthday Party.  It was so much fun, I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we all did.

Now I am back in Australia I am doing some time on reception.  The main agency number will be redirected to me 6pm each Thursday & Friday and also Sunday’s noon til 10pm.  If you have my direct number you can phone me anytime from noon til midnight 7 days a week

I have started a new Blog of Q & A’s to help everyone learn a little more about how things work with us – So far I have done a blog on Social Media, Rates and also on travelling escorts; with many more Q & A’s to come.  You can also email me any questions that you would like answered and added to the blog

We are very happy to announce we have a few new ladies who have joined our Sydney team

We have added Eurasian cutie Melizsa and Tall and Super Fit Eva.  I am always interviewing, so hopefully there will be some more amazing ladies on board soon.

All the ladies we currently represent have studies or careers so their hours are all different, before you phone to see who is available please check our Availability page Bec sorts that out each Monday morning & is updated if there is a change

Eva, Zoe, Victoria and Kate all had new photos taken last weekend. All 4 ladies are friends and playmates so if you ever fancy a tall bi threesome or group booking then we have that covered 🙂

We have also added a new male Escort named Rob. He is a lovely guy and enjoys meeting solo ladies , couples and also enjoys group play with other Atlantic ladies

We are very sad that Arizona has gone back home to the USA.  She is a lovely girl and fingers crossed she returns to our shores. It’s unlikely but we can always hope

English babes Charlie and Ashley have gone home but I think both ladies are planning on returning in November for most of the month

Also English Giselle will be back in October for a month, possibly longer

Our next discount day is June 1. Bianca will be visiting Sydney at this time and we should also have Kate, Victoria, Eva, and Melissa available.  It’s never too early to pre-book for Discount Day

Eva is available to members and agency regulars only.  Zoe will be in Canberra for discount day but has no availability.  All ladies will be offering incall & outcall

Busty Beauty Bianca’s Sydney dates are June 1-4. Bianca has a member’s incall discount of $100 so 1hr incall is just $400. Bianca is very pretty and a great girl 🙂

Zoe is available most days in Canberra for outcall. Her next Canberra incall dates are May 31-June 2. Zoe will also travel for prepaid outcall meetings in Sydney of 3hrs or more.  Zoe will return to Sydney June 13-17

Reviews are very helpful for the ladies especially the new ladies so if you fancy penning something please do so on one of the review sites or you can post reviews on our agency website too:

Until next time

Sarah xoxo

Zoe’s Video

Zoe is one of Canberra’s most sought after ladies. One look at her and it’s easy to see why. She is, in a word, immaculate. You can see her fabulous, fawning reviews and all of her images on her profile page here.  And here is a nice video she shot recently.
Zoe November 2016

Zoe loves adventure and travels often. We highly recommend taking full advantage of the short time that she’s in Australia.

Want to get to know Zoe’s personality? She’s such a pleasure to be around, this interview from last year is a great read.


Update May 23, 2017 – 

For all those craving more Zoe videos, she sent us this little snippet. She’s so much fun… enjoy!

View post on


Q & A – Social Media

Sydney Escort on Her Phone

Many girls in Australia have twitter, why don’t the Atlantic girls?

In the past ladies have had Twitter but in the current group of ladies on our site, nobody wants it

Using social media for escorting is essentially unpaid labour. So why would an escort do it if she doesn’t want or need it?

There is a growing trend for managers/agencies etc to create accounts for ladies and pretend to be the escort.  We would never do that.

Bec or myself will never pretend to be anyone other than ourselves when you make contact with us

Can I have the escort’s direct phone number, email or add her on Facebook?

No – If a lady wanted you to contact her directly then she would not be working with an agency but would be a private escort

One of the main reasons many ladies choose to work with us is for for privacy and discretion reasons. We provide privacy and discretion for ladies as well as the clients that book with the agency

One reason why a lady might prefer not to be on instagram 🙂

Ladies complain that some gents pester them for their private information; and it often ruins what would otherwise have been a great meeting

For those of you who wish to contact a lady directly Australia is teeming with private escorts who are happy to chit chat, SMS & tweet with you

I have found one of your ladies on her private Instagram account so I will contact her to see her without going through the agency. This will be cheaper & better for me 🙂

Contacting a lady via her personal account can be risky; for starters you look like a bit of stalker lol and the reaction you get may be less than favourable

Most girls don’t like their escort life and personal life to collide and you are crossing a line by contacting her in a way she has not requested

It may not be cheaper & sometimes you will find the rates to be higher due to the lady having to handle her own arrangements.  Generally we have found that ladies have a set price whether you see them through Atlantic or another way

It also should be mentioned that if you do book a lady directly, any problems that may arise are nothing to do with Agency Atlantic.  You cannot expect our help, write a review that links to Agency Atlantic  nor receive any compensation for that problems that may have arisen 

The lady will have your personal information – email, phone etc and what she may do with that information is out of our control

With us your discretion is 100% guaranteed

And it’s not like it is that hard to head on over to the gallery, then call us to get unfettered access with one of our fabulous ladies

Bec manages our Twitter and Instagram accounts for Agency Atlantic Australia

Sarah manages the Twitter and Instagram accounts for Agency Atlantic International